Carolyn Keigley

“The snowscapes of Carolyn Keigley evoke an essence more than a landscape. They reach into one’s mind and stir something preciously untouched, or unknown. In them, the elements swirl and blend. One can sense the cold of the crystals and, perhaps, feel what would be like to fall backwards into their powder. Snow, rock, wind, sun – the elements of Keigley’s paintings are those that create the alchemy of winter in the high country.” Kimberly Danek Pinkson, Tahoe Quarterly ’02-‘03

Carolyn’s work is created in the medium of dry pastels because as she says, “Pastel feels like dry snow.”

Carolyn’s work has been shown at many destination ski resorts such as at Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in Tahoe where she was the sole artist with 30 pieces showing for over seven years. Currently she is showing her work in British Columbia, Canada at Whitewater Ski Resort. Her work is also shown at the Stein Erikson Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah. During the 2002 Winter Olympics her work was also shown at various galleries in Utah including the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden Utah. Other showings include national solo and group shows at Universities such as San Francisco State, University of Puget Sound, Humboldt State University, Shasta College and at Museums such as California Museum of Art at the Luther Burbank Center. Her work has been published in both regional and national magazines such as “Ski Magazine”, “Couloir”, and “Tahoe Quarterly”.

She was invited to participate as the sole artist along with notable Antarctica scientists at an Ice Core Seminar, 2004 at the Desert Research Institute at University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada.

Carolyn was born and raised in the Rockies of Utah and has also lived in the Tahoe area and in the mountain of British Columbia. She currently has her studio at top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Brighton, Utah. Carolyn received her B.A. and M.A. at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Davis campus’ and at Humboldt State University. She had the opportunity of studying with international artists such as Wayne Thiebold, R.C. Gorman, William T. Willey, and Roy Deforest.